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With your support, we can help more high-risk babies take off developmentally

Who We Are

The Bhabhisana Baby Project is based in the Western Cape, South Africa, and was established in August 2015 by highly skilled therapists who recognised the need to help babies who come from underserved communities with early intervention during the critical 1 000-day period.

Our two multidisciplinary teams – each consisting of a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and a speech and language therapist – treat babies (0–2) in an interdisciplinary fashion to develop their gross and fine motor skills, communication and language skills, self-help skills and social skills. In addition, we do capacity-building for doctors, nurses and therapists.

What We Do

Therapy & Care

Provide an interdisciplinary ‘one-stop shop’ service that consists of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy

Training & Support

Train parents and carers so they’re able to manage the babies at home

Holistic Approach

Adopt a holistic approach by offering emotional support to parents, many of whom have experienced a traumatic birth.

Skills development

Offer capacity-building and skills development for doctors, nurses and therapists at state run high-risk clinics

Individual Focus

At Bhabhisana babies get focused, individual input on movement, play, language stimulation and feeding in one session.

Ongoing Guidance

Therapy must continue in the home for maximum developmental input. By forging a relationship with parents, we are better able to understand a family’s practical challenges

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A R75 Monthly Donation to sponsor a baby