Mandela Day - Bhabhisana Baby Project

Mandela Day

Have you decided how you would spend your 67 Minutes to honour Mandela?

18 July is around the corner; why not walk, run, cycle or Zumba for 67 minutes and get your family and friends to sponsor each minute.

How it works:

  1. Challenge your family or friends to walk, run, cycle (or any other way of getting active) for 67 minutes in honour of Tata Madiba, in the spirit of Mandela Day!
  2. Make a donation of your preferred amount for every minute of the challenge achieved.
  3. Have fun!

A simple and healthy way of giving back. Each rand will make a difference in the lives of our babies at Bhabhisana.

R28 407 of R100 000 raised
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Donation Total: R75.00 Monthly

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A R75 Monthly Donation to sponsor a baby