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Our Approach

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The Bhabhisana Baby Project is based in the Western Cape, South Africa, and was established in August 2015 by highly skilled therapists who recognised the need to help babies who come from underserved communities with early intervention during the critical 1 000-day period.

Our two multidisciplinary teams – each consisting of a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and a speech and language therapist – treat babies (0–2) in an interdisciplinary fashion to develop their gross and fine motor skills, communication and language skills, self-help skills and social skills. In addition, we do capacity-building for doctors, nurses and therapists.

Part of the vision of this national health framework which aims to increase the wellness of the Western Cape population is to provide access to person-centred, quality care.

Bhabhisana’s parent training programme is directly in line with this principle.

“Bhabhisana” is a Xhosa word that loosely translates as “let’s help each other fly” – with your support, we can help more high-risk babies take off developmentally

— Our Mission

This Bhabhisana Baby Project aims to improve the long-term functional abilities of babies born with disabilities or developmental problems during the three-to-six-month wait for public health appointments and until they’ve been fully integrated into the state health system.

— Our Vision

By advocating for early intervention for babies with developmental disabilities/delay during the crucial 1 000-day period, we recognise that with the appropriate care and input, more children can take their rightful
place within their families and in society.

— Our Story

Having worked for several years in underserved communities,
we have unique insight into how the public health sector
functions, the home environment of low-income families, and
the social and economic challenges they face: unemployment,
stigmatisation, and lack of resources and a support network,
among others.

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A R75 Monthly Donation to sponsor a baby